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Yulia Lipovskaya

City of residence: Kaliningrad
Education and profession: higher legal, lawyer
Experience: 13 years.
Riding style: free style, free ride, wave.
Achievements in sports: competitions in various disciplines.
Favorite skiing spots: Kaliningrad (Russia), Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Greece, Asia ... a lot.

History of how I began to ride:

Waves and wind - the day that changed my life ...

The events of that day were clearly imprinted in my memory. It was in May 2008 in Egypt, on the shores of the Red Sea.

On that day, the arrow of the thermometer stubbornly crawled upward, as if it was trying to set some kind of record that only it knew. It was hot, very hot, unbearably hot. In such a situation, there can be only two rescues: either a cool room with an air conditioner working to the fullest, or a beach, which is run over by gentle waves. Naturally, I chose the second option.

Heading to the beach, I saw him. No not like this. HIS!!! Precisely with a capital letter and always with three exclamation marks. It was, forgive the banal comparison, love at first sight.

Goosebumps, heart palpitations, adrenaline - all the attributes were present.

It was a kite ...

I went up to the guys who were fiddling with kites on the shore and immediately, throwing off my embarrassment, began to interrogate them with passion. What is this? How to use it? What kind of sport is this?

I immediately had a great desire to hold this huge kite in my hands at least once. Naturally, I did not understand anything in this matter. But my zeal surprised even the instructor. Literally a couple of hours passed and I, carefully instructed, was already happy standing in the water up to my waist with a small aerobatic kite.

But there was one circumstance that opposed the continuation of my acquaintance with the kite. And this circumstance consisted in the fact that the very next day I flew to my native land. The vacation ended mercilessly. Holidays are over, weekdays have caught up with us - something like that was sung in some song.

The next day, on the plane, I looked sadly at the coast and tried to find with my eyes the hotel in which such an unexpected acquaintance took place, in which I left a piece of myself.

The whole flight I thought only about how to turn on my laptop and try to find people who are engaged in kiteboarding in Kaliningrad, who can teach me all the intricacies of this sport. I was just worn out while I was flying, I was overcome by doubts: are there such? But I was lucky, I found such people.

Over the next year, there was everything: grueling workouts, bruises and bumps, anger at myself when something did not work out.

But the kite changed my life drastically. The wind caught me and carried me along the waves. And in the literal sense of the word, and figuratively. He made me happy. I myself have changed, my social circle has changed.

Kite has done a lot for me, a lot: a busy life, travels to different countries, many new interesting friends, a variety of events ... You can continue on this topic for a long time ...

I realized: for the sake of all this it is worth living, for the sake of this it is worth smiling. Trust the wind and waves. And then your life will shine with all the colors of the rainbow!

Respectfully yours, Julia L.

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