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VIP training

Personal training

  • training from scratch about an individual program

  • training time is fully adapted to your schedule

  • one on one lessons with a coach

  • full protective equipment provided

  • classes only on a new innovative

  • premium equipment

  • analysis of errors on video materials

  • photo / video materials from training (in memory of the first steps and tacks)

  • training time: 15 hours (1 hour = 60 min)

  • Additionally - PRO course according to an individual program

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Group training

  • Group training

  • complete basic course

  • training from scratch in a group of 2 people (it is supposed to exchange equipment)

  • full protective equipment is provided (helmet, life jacket)

  • classes only on new innovative premium equipment (boards, trapeziums, kites of 2019-2020, you will have a unique opportunity to try kites of the entire size range)

  • training time: 6 lessons (1 lesson = 2 hours)

40.000 RUB RUB
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I want to try!

  • Have you long dreamed of trying kite control? Do you doubt that you are ready to take the full course and want to decide?

  • A trial individual lesson is suitable for you.
    * lesson takes place on the shore (no wetsuit required).
    * training is possible even in very weak wind.
    * the lesson includes theory and practice with the control of the first aerobatic kite.
    * 1 lesson = 1.5 hours of training.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

5000 RUB

Пробный урок на двоих

  • 2 часа обучения

  • включено полностью оборудование

  • урок проходит на берегу с управлением кайта (включена практика и теория с кайтом)

15 000 RUB


любого уровня 

12 000 RUB 

1 час (60 минут)

Если Вы уже катаетесь 

со своим оборудованием

7 500 р ( исправляем ошибки )



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Rent / set
7500 rub - 1.5 hours

- kites only for 2020-2021 (5-7-9-12-14) core-cabrinha-north

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

- boards (all sizes, freestyle, freeride, wave)

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

- anti-shock vest

- helmet

- (specify wetsuit)

You are an independent kitesurfer

(starting, landing, restarting the kite, riding upwind) with your own equipment, but you need this additional
peace of mind
that someone is always watching and ready to help if needed and give you some tips for riding (this is not a lesson).

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

2000 RUB 1.5 hours

(with walkie-talkie 2500 rubles)

  • 1. Children's and teenage groups (7-9 years old, 9-14 years old, 15-18 years old).

  • 2. Express course. Spend the most unforgettable weekend in Kaliningrad. Two days of individual intensive training, a complete basic course. Ideal for those who are on vacation or planning to visit Kaliningrad for the weekend.

  • 3. Full extreme weekend (kite, jet ski, paragliding, sup, motocross, flyboard). Mega cool and eventful vacation! Individual entertainment program (adapted to weather conditions). Rollerski in the most beautiful places of the Kaliningrad region, an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to try different kinds of extreme sports.

  • 4. First independent steps or what to do after completing the course? Students in the school can continue to hone their skills while at school - renting equipment and supervised classes, helping you fix mistakes and giving feedback to help you progress faster. If you are ready to start your own journey, you can purchase equipment of the brands North kiteboarding, CABRINHA kites, Core kites, ION products (wetsuits, kiteboards, harnesses, ponchos, lycra, etc.)

  • IMPORTANT: you buy equipment from an authorized dealer, with a guarantee and further service. What does this mean - each kite has its own unique win number, it will be intact, without defects hidden for pre-sale preparation, so you will not receive an unpleasant surprise after a long-awaited purchase. If something happens to the kite, bar or lines, I will send them in for repair or help you quickly replace the damaged part, and you will not miss the season because of the trouble that happened.

  • 5. Kite safari (Italy - Spain - Greece - Mauritius and many many countries)! 2021 (COMING SOON) !!!

  • 6. Individual training in any country of the world at any spot suitable for your level of skiing (discussed individually).

  • 7. Testing new kites - an exciting annual event! New crispy kites come to our school and you can sign up for a test, try the equipment and choose the kite that best suits your tasks and riding style.

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